Video File Comparison, HD versus SVCD anyone ?

I’ve been trying to make a DVD on a CD of HD demo’s but they are not playing back on a fancy HD DVD recorder we have, I wondered about SuperVCD quality and found this nifty Video File Comparison chart, just what I needed for a quick reference.

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Playing Windows Media, Apple Quicktime and Real Media in Ubuntu

I’m having problems with permission problems in Ubuntu at the moment and in a fit of peak decided on a reinstall. It hasn’t fixed the permissions problem though :), instead of all my drives being owned by root now (and unchangeable even as root) Ubuntu now reports “Permissions could not be determined” a quick tour of the forums didn’t turn up any quick answers so i’ll tell you more in another blog because quite honestly, at the moment, if you are having the same problem I don’t know what to advise. Reinstalling is obviously not a way to fix it.
So this blog is about codecs for Video and Audio. After the Ubuntu reinstall rather than search for all the codecs installing as and when they were required I wondered if there might be an equivalent to the “Klite” codec pack, a sort of one size fits all mega pack of codecs. Well it seems Medibuntu have done just that by making an easy to follow installation guide you can find it using the link below.
Worked for me so must be pretty simple 🙂

RestrictedFormats/NonNativeCodecs – Community Ubuntu Documentation

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