More Wine with your Linux ?

According to the official announcement over at WineHQ version 1.5 has been released but when I try to install with PPA sources ;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3

Now I see wine1.3 in the last line not 1.5 as I would have expected and after install i’ve got Wine 1.4 ! how bizarre

Phreaky ! Setting up the Tesco Internet phone in Ubuntu

Tesco Internet phone
I’ve been trying to set up my Tesco Internet phone also known as the Freshtel FT-102 VoIP USB Phone  in Ubuntu 8.10, my distro of choice at the moment, and although I can install the Tesco software using Wine and use the self test, when I receive an incoming call it closes the connection almost instantly and complains about the sound device. Now that’s OK after all i’m going through a complicated audio chain there i’m guessing by using Wine so I set up Ekiga. Now that accepts my details, lets me call a couple of SIP test sites ( or but won’t accept my Tesco account settings, it says “Registration failed, Bad request” and a quick google only brought up one related item, suggesting opening up certain ports on the router. Now I don’t mind doing that but would I be able to use Ekiga at all if that was the case, any ideas anyone?

I found the name of the Tesco Internet phone by the way, by typing “lsusb” in a console/terminal.
If you need the settings for the Tesco Internet phone for using with other software (Like Ekiga) I found all the settings at Thanks.

Free Media,Freedom,Free Speech and er, Acid

The more I work with GNU/Linux the more I feel caught up in the whole Free Software movement, in fact more than that, the whole concept of Freedom.
But I certainly find it easier to watch or listen to articles regarding Freedom/Free Software than to try and read them from a monitor screen, so if you feel the same way  check out the new Media page i’m creating.
These media items are not just educational but genuinely inspiring as well, for myself i’m on a mission at the moment to get back to the days when I was using programs like Bryce,Truespace,Rebirth and Acid to create images and sound, something I haven’t done for a long time. Of course now I need to find FREE versions to use on my various GNU/Linux versions. In the meantime I have had Sonic Foundry’s Acid Music running through WINE if you don’t mind running a MS Windows program inside your GNU/Linux distro but it does lock up quite often for me so your mileage may vary..

Batch resizing your photo’s in Linux

In the old days when I still used Windows 🙂 I used a program called Fast Image Resizer to resize batches of photo’s and although I can still run this along with the rest of my Windows programs using Wine I thought i’d investigate a Linux equivalent. Well the answer is ImageMagick !
I should probably point out that once you have installed ImageMagick dont bother looking for an entry in the program list or even try typing ImageMagick into a Terminal because you won’t find anything 🙂 It seems what you type relates to what you want to do, for instance I needed to resize some images so the first command would be;
convert -resize WidthXHeight source destination
or convert -resize 320×240 /home/jazzy/test.jpg /home/jazzy/convert/test.jpg
If you have many files use the command;
mogrify -resize 320×240 *.jpg
in the mogrify example above leaving the source and destination blank uses the current folder.

File under “Well I never thought i’d see that” Google are funding the development of Photoshop on the Linux platform, Hooray !

Google are to fund the development of Photoshop for the Linux platform, Hooray !

I’ve always found that the software that stops people moving completely to Linux is either Photoshop or Dreamweaver. Now with funding from Google, Codeweavers, the developers of Wine (which allows you to run some Windows software under Linux) will be able to push for stability with Photoshop. Just hope they do the same for Dreamweaver soon.
More info at;