Linux tips and fixes (1) Hardware – setting up a wireless network Linux Mint and more.

Things can go wrong when fixing your own computer so I can not be held liable for any mass chaos and destruction in your life caused by you reading and acting upon this information. (I was going to write that in all caps. but thought that might be shouting it too much)

(1) Hardware – setting up a wireless network.

When you arrive at your shiny new Linux desktop, on the task panel you will see the “Network Manager” icon. Left click for options including connect to your wireless connection or right click for set up options, select your wireless network and enter the usual info, SSID, Wireless Key etc. Then submit/OK and your done !

Well, except when there is no “Network Manager” icon. Of course not having an Internet connection at that moment is not the time when you need to download drivers for your network, so here’s a super useful tool available in Linux Mint and probably lots more distributions.

Go to your programs list, select Administration, Select Windows Wireless Drivers, select the driver from your Windows\System32 folder or extract your Windows wireless drivers to a folder on your hard drive or USB Pendrive etc. and install from there.

Although its very rare to need to restart a Linux PC this is one of the times I did, having logged in and out a couple of times and failed miserably to detect a wireless network.

However on that subject I’ve had some strange occurrences with wireless networks recently. My old Windows installation can no longer obtain an IP address from the router. As it happens that’s not a problem because I very rarely login in to it, but before I stopped using Windows as my main Op. Sys. all my Linux boxes had done the same thing, they could connect to the wireless network but not obtain an IP address, go figure as they say.

Any Linux commands you need can be picked up HERE.

Linux Mint 5 Elyssa stable and secure (and its good fun too)

The latest version of Mint known as Elyssa is out and very nice it is too. I’ve been running it as my prefered O/S for a couple of weeks now and it is proving solid and reliable. It was very easy to set up my NVIDIA card and my Wireless device. There are thousands of Free (as in Freedom as well as in Beer) programs available to download with the built in package manager and I was informed of all the updates that were available for me including security, usability, new features etc.

All in all a very nice Linux distribution.

Linux Mint Logo - new version available from

Linux Mint Logo - new version available from