Ebay decides Sellers Income isn’t enough and must sell advertising space on YOUR listings

If your an Ebay seller you might have noticed this “notification” http://www2.ebay.com/aw/uk/201206.shtml#2012-06-22140618
So I sent them this letter
Displaying text ads on listing pages from private sellers on eBay.co.uk
So on my listings from now on my potential buyers will see adverts from my competitors ? Please tell me that isn’t true because that is completely unfair, are you not getting enough income from Ebay sellers already ?
Anybody else have opinions on this ?


OMG Linux Flash Adobe Vunerability Shock Horror Probe

Well you would think from the headlines going around that the Linux version of Adobe Flash player is being used for an exploit that’s doing the rounds and indeed Adobe also say that earlier versions of Flash on Linux should be updated however lets be clear about who and what is affected;

From Adobe – “The exploit targets Flash Player on Internet Explorer for Windows only. ”

Right that does it, stop wasting my time with stupid stories trying to make out Linux is as vulnerable to exploits as MS Windows is which quite clearly it isn,t, just accept that you would be safer running a Linux system and if you don’t want to well stop complaining and live with your faulty software.

Oh ands a Happy Bank Holiday to you all ūüôā

Lets get Google

Technewsworld posted this article asking “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?” and quoted John Bumgarner, chief technology officer for the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unitwho said ;

“These guys were able to go out and pick up WiFi signals and based on those WiFi signals pinpoint information about users,”¬† “That gave them a huge advantage over Microsoft because then they could do better targeted marketing.”

“It was an unfair competitive advantage,”


So my question to John Bumgarner would be;
Aren’t you always arguing that Google collecting all this sort of information is wrong ? and if so then no one should have it, certainly not Microsoft, Yahoo or any of them. Are you complaining that Google collected so much private information it was an invasion of privacy or is it that Google had information that was private but Yahoo and Microsoft should also have been allowed to have it and who cares about privacy when you can make money out of the populations personal information ? because that’s how it reads to me.

And of course take the word “Wardriving” out of the article title and it might as well read “Does Google have a competitive Edge ?” which you would hope a business had but that doesn’t quite grab the attention like¬†“Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?”

Come on Technewsworld you have the word “news” in your name please try and report just that.

Are you seeing Red when using a mechanised Lock on Freight Waterways

British Waterways issued this earlier and I thought it worth sharing.

Mechanised Locks – Freight Waterways NE

Tuesday 27 March 2012 until further notice
There have recently been a number of incidents involving vessels passing red traffic lights at mechanised locks, these locks are used by large freight vessels. This notice provides general advice on lock traffic lights in the NE Waterways and is intended to reduce the likelihood of vessel collision at the locks.


Red Fixed    Lock keeper in attendance РDo not enter lock. Wait for lights to change or contact lock keeper for advice
Red Flashing¬†¬†¬† Lock keeper not in attendance – Flood conditions do not proceed.¬† Red & Green¬†¬†¬† Lock keeper in attendance ‚Äď Self operation not possible at this time. Lock under preparation await further signal or instruction from lock keeper
Amber¬†¬†¬† Lock keeper not in attendance ‚Äď Lock set to self-operation. Leisure craft proceed with caution and self-operate the lock. Freight craft await instruction from lock keeper and do not enter lock unless instructed by the lock keeper.
Green¬†¬†¬† Lock keeper in attendance ‚Äď Enter lock & follow lock keepers instructions. Self-operation not available at this time.

Lock gate and cooling towers. With normal water levels, the lock gates can be kept open continuously.  © Copyright Alan Murray-Rust and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

A look at Linux with IBM

A look at Linux with IBM

If you are interested in finding out more about Linux and don’t just want to listen to a load of Windows/Linux Fanboys screaming “my os is the best” then I recommend you pop over to IBM’s website for this informative article describing where and when you might find Linux in your life already, from Smartphones to the Internet itself.

More Wine with your Linux ?

According to the official announcement over at WineHQ version 1.5 has been released but when I try to install with PPA sources ;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3

Now I see wine1.3 in the last line not 1.5 as I would have expected and after install i’ve got Wine 1.4 ! how bizarre

TradePub & Linux Questions Its all just take take take

“The Free Technology Academy publishes all its educational materials, including the course books, under free licenses on the web.”
Unfortunately, and this trend seems to be building their materials are being redistributed by TradePub in association with Linux Questions in a less than savory way. I have had to refer several Linux distributors to the GPL licencing site. So TradePub and Linux Questions allow me to help with this problem;
You cannot just take things and claim them as your own, which bit do you not understand ?