When Dr Dre joined the Mafia

Dr Dre fans will be pleased with the new tracks featured in Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars has approximately 19 million active players a month on Facebook and on the iPhone, so record companies and there labels will be monitoring this closely.

Both Bon Jovi and Kiss have previously released games featuring their music.
Dr. Dre promotes new album through Mafia Wars game | Reuters

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Goodnews for Gamers – OpenGL 3.0 at The Open Source Year

Whilst discussing Linux Gaming with some friends recently, Japan Dan raised an interesting point about Linux supporting Direct X, to which I replied that it didn’t need to as there was OpenGL, at which point he said “oh yes I remember OpenGL, when exactly was it last updated?
” Ah “, I thought, Its passed version 1 and i’m sure i’ve heard of OpenGL 2 so i’ll say version 2. But in actual fact, if I had read the post at The Open Source Year I would have known we were on to version 3 and NVIDIA has an OpenGL driver out now. Pop over to The Open Source Year to learn more.

Free Gamers DVD

I,m getting asked for a lot of Gaming related software recently so whilst I complile a DVD of the “Top Open Source Games” might I suggest a visit to Supergamer.org
The ISO’s for download are pretty huge, so as usual if you are on a slow or resticted bandwith internet connection, drop into my store to see if I have it available on DVD for Next Day Delivery.